We recommend learning about the possibilities of expanding the basic versions of our products with additional options, which allow to configure the joinery even better in the scope of operational properties or esthetic values, to make it perfectly match your needs and expectations.


The terrace tilt & slide windows are an alternative for the traditional double-sash balconies.

They do not open like normal sashes, the movement runs in parallel to the fixed sash (one sash is mobile and the other is fixed) and after they are closed, both sashes are positioned in the same plane.

Such opening does not require occupying any space in the room and gives an impression of a bigger clearance in the gap.

Using the duoPort fitting allows a smooth and silent sliding and tilting of large size windows. A special control module located in the handle makes easier the opening and closing of even very heavy sashes up to 200 kg.


Especially for people who value both innovation and elegance of solutions, we propose the activPilot Select fittings, which provide the possibility to design your windows according to your individual needs.

The fittings do not have traditional, visible hinges, on which the sash is fitted, the fitting system is entirely hidden in the clearance between the sash and the frame.

Lack of visible hinges is an excellent choice for windows intended for modern spaces as well as old and traditional ones, due to their lack of color selection and texture limits, which allow the windows to maintain their original style.     


A perfect solution for use in spaces which are a source of a large amount of humidity (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom), which has to be regularly removed from the dwelling. In other case, fungi and mold can develop on the moist surfaces, which not only damage the walls, but most importantly – they harm our health.

The activPilot Comfort PADK fitting makes an efficient ventilation through a 6mm gap between the sash and the window frame. The innovation of this solution is the offset of the sash from the frame by 6mm, which causes the used, heated air to escape through the top and an inflow of fresh air through the bottom.

During a gap ventilation the room does not become colder and the energy loss is much lower than in case of a tilted window. Moreover, the window left in a sash offset position complies with the requirements for 1st or 2nd anti-burglary class.

A great advantage of using gap ventilation is an improved protection from rain and noise in comparison to a tilted window.

An offset sash ventilation system can also be applied in tilt & slide terrace windows, if the duoPort PAS fitting is applied.


Due to an increasing number of burglaries, effective means of protection are needed – one of the is a fitting system activPilot Control.

The contact sensors are small lock-sensory devices placed on window or balcony door frames. Their greatest advantage is that they warn you about an attempt to break in before the unwanted person manages to intrude.

Discreet and reliable lock sensors use the magnetic field or radio waves, they inform you which windows are open and which are closed.

They can work together with heating and air conditioning systems, but most importantly they are compatible with all alarm systems available on the market.

There are two types of sensors according to their functionality principal:

  • alarm signal in case of sash movement
  • alarm signal in case of fitting movement

The first type allows the use of the window tilt function (i.e. for ventilation) without launching the alarm signal. The second type does not provide such possibility, since the alarm signal launches in the moment there is a movement of the fitting (e.g. while manipulating the handle).


TOP ALU is an option created for all people, who want to highlight their own style and originality of solutions. It is a PVC covers system integrated with the profiles, available for all window and door system solutions, together with the tilt & slide HS doors. Windows with ALU covers have all the advantages of warm PVC profiles, while offering the timeless style of aluminum windows as well as an interesting profile design.

From the outside the windows are aluminum, however, inside they radiate with warmth and a color typical for synthetic materials of the highest quality.

The ALU covers come in a wide RAL color range, from veneered layers to anodized, which additionally increases the resistance and longevity of the windows. It provides limitless possibilities to use colors and details, giving the building some originality.


The use of safe panes with the VSG or ESG glass guarantees that in case of an accidental hit or break, there is no risk of hurting yourself or a person in the near. In such cases the ones most exposed to such danger are children, who are unaware of the threat and risk falling onto or hitting the pane, leading to its breaking and a serious injury from the sharp glass elements – such injuries were in many cases fatal.

Such situations could have been avoided or the risk of their occurrence could have been minimized by using safe panes with VSG laminated or tempered ESG glass.

 The safe VSG laminated glass consists of two glass surfaces, joined together with one or two PVB film layers (one layer is 0,38 mm thick). When the glass is hit it cracks, but its pieces are held by the undamaged PVB film layer, while simultaneously making it harder to break in. The anti-burglary panes e.g. in the P2 (2 film layers) and P4 (4 film layers) class are made from the same glass, the only difference is the number of the PVB film layers.

The safe ESG tempered glass is achieved in a technological process of heating the glass surface to a high temperature (620°C) and then rapidly cooling it. In result, the glass particles becomes tighter, causing a multiplication of its mechanical durability and in case of damage, the glass is spread into dull-edged tiny pieces.

 When to use?

We recommend using the safe panes in the balcony and terrace doors, as well as the PSK and HS sliding doors and in all glazings reaching down to the floor, especially when little children will be present and playing in the house.



It is a principal of construction without barriers, that the space can be designed in a way, where the architectural elements do not constitute any obstacles for people with limited mobility, i.e. children, seniors and people with disabilities. The low threshold construction makes it easier to move freely from one part of a dwelling to another, walking in and out without the risk of tripping. A low threshold is not an obstacle for people in wheelchairs, seniors supporting themselves with walking sticks or crawling babies.

French windows [porte fenetre]– windows with balustrades

French windows or so called French balconies are a specific type of windows, fully or partially opened, reaching the floor, and on the outside, guarded with a balustrade. They do not lead to any balcony or terrace, and application of the balustrades is an absolute necessity to protect the inhabitants against falling out.

Such solutions are more and more often used on facades of modern residential or office houses, where there is a strong focus on a balanced and far-reaching penetration of sunlight into the interior areas, ensuring at the same time the users a good view of the surroundings.

Schȕco has prepared a special system of French windows, with the balustrades built of stainless steel or VSG safe glass pipes and rods, mounted directly to the window frame, without any interference with the facade or the thermal insulation.

A patented method of fixing the balustrade to the window or balcony door frame shorten and simplify significantly installation of the French window, as the window is connected with the balustrade as early as on the stage of the window manufacturing in the factory, and delivered as a complete set.

Balustrades made of stainless steel pipes and rods in three diameters can be installed in different spacing patterns, forming a balustrade of minimum 300 mm height, and 1900 mm wide.


An alternative solution is a balustrade built of the safe, laminated glass – VSG – which can be applied in the following height ranges: from 300 to 1100 mm, with widths from 400 to 2000 mm.

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