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Dear customers

Welcome to our KNOWLEDGE CENTER. We designed it for you, thinking of you.
It is intended to be a practical and helpful tool in the uneasy art of selecting windows.

Purchase of windows is a very serious decision, leading to an investment in convenience and security of your family.
The design and outfit of the window need to be selected separately for each room, depending on its function, designation and location of the building.

In order to help you make the best choice, we prepared a set of practical tips which help you systematize your knowledge so that your purchase of the 4 Pory Roku windows in the Schüco systems were suited perfectly to your requirements.

Hot Summer ( warm / cool glasses )

Overheating of the rooms, the discomfort we experience on hot days and the costly attempts to cool the room down with air-conditioners are the problems all of us know. Therefore, every summer we deliberate what glass we should install in our windows to reduce the effects of heat and stuffiness at least a bit. Several

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Secure Aring

ActivPilot Comfort PADK or PAS is the only hardware item available on the market that provides the window with enhanced burglary protection during airing. Jest to zasługa wyjątkowej konstrukcji zaczepów ramowych. Mounted on the frame perimeter, the special steel catches make forcing the window off its frame very difficult – both from the closed position,

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A well secured house

If you want to avoid unwanted guests, think for a while how you can protect your place. It is definitely reasonable to invest in in anti-burglar systems, anti-burglar windows, robust hardware on the door and some external items – bars and roller blinds. These can be supplemented by some king of an electronic alarm system.

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Summer HS System – 4 Seasons

SUMMER HS system ‘Four Seasons’ – more sunlight, more space, more life  The sun and air, a feeling of joy and freedom. A new view at the garden and the world. A feeling of an open space and house. If you are looking for solutions guaranteeing such impressions, if you want to provide the highest

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Multi-chamber profiles, what does that mean?

Exactly. We often hear: 4-chamber, 5-chamber, 8-chamber profiles…. What does that mean in practice? How much marketing is there in these chambers, how much air and how much of an actual value to the user? Here is a bunch of facts. A good (multi-chamber) profile is the basics A PVC profile is the basic and

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Why PVC Windows

Why PVC? PVC or wooden windows? It is the very first question the investors have to answer. Obviously both window manufacturing technologies have their supporters and the dispute seems a bit similar to the one regarding the question: which is better, butter or margarine? However, there are some essential elements, important to the users on

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The difficult art of window selection

Appearances are deceptive The matter seems to be easy. Every architectural design contains a set and description of windows. Therefore it is enough to just compare the price offers of a few manufacturers, compare them in excel and… choose the supplier. Seemingly. The 18 years of experience we have in production and sales of PVC

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