French windows or so called French balconies are a specific type of windows, fully or partially opened, reaching the floor, and on the outside, guarded with a balustrade. They do not lead to any balcony or terrace, and application of the balustrades is an absolute necessity to protect the inhabitants against falling out.

Such solutions are more and more often used on facades of modern residential or office houses, where there is a strong focus on a balanced and far-reaching penetration of sunlight into the interior areas, ensuring at the same time the users a good view of the surroundings.

Schȕco has prepared a special system of French windows, with the balustrades built of stainless steel or VSG safe glass pipes and rods, mounted directly to the window frame, without any interference with the facade or the thermal insulation.

A patented method of fixing the balustrade to the window or balcony door frame shorten and simplify significantly installation of the French window, as the window is connected with the balustrade as early as on the stage of the window manufacturing in the factory, and delivered as a complete set.

Balustrades made of stainless steel pipes and rods in three diameters can be installed in different spacing patterns, forming a balustrade of minimum 300 mm height, and 1900 mm wide.


okna-balustradyAn alternative solution is a balustrade built of the safe, laminated glass – VSG – which can be applied in the following height ranges: from 300 to 1100 mm, with widths from 400 to 2000 mm.