PCV Spring Windows – Rondo


System features:

  • a 5-chamber system, embedding depth 70mm with a wide 78 mm rounded sash
  • a half-flush sash design, slightly offset from the frame
  • modern light grey EPDM seals in white profiles, black EPDM seals in veneered profiles
  • a narrow visible part of the frame – a standard combination of the frame/sash 120mm profiles guarantees an optimum access of light
  • the system provides the possibility to use two-chamber pane packages with transmittance coefficient Ug=0,7 W/m2K
  • the gentle silhouette and outlines visible on the surface of the profiles are pleasing to the eye
  • an optimum ratio of thermal protection and rigidity properties


By choosing the SPRING RONDO line you receive windows, which will work after many years just as well as they did on the very first day, which are easy to keep clean and do not discolor – it is a good long term investment, guaranteeing maintaining unchanged esthetic values.

Spring Rondo glazed Ug=1,1 W/m2K

Spring Rondo glazed Ug=0,7 W/m2K

Available veneer styles:

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