This is a window and door system, which due to its very good thermal protection parameters can be used in low-energy and even passive construction solutions.

AUTUMN PLUS features the seven-chamber structure and 82 mm embedment, which makes it possible to install special double glazing of even 54 mm, that is already known from other systems of Schuco.

Classic geometry with no-flush window contour, available also in a version with a uniform grey body, ensuring a uniquely harmonious appearance of the window and door carpentry.

A specially designed solution of the Twin type, making it possible to build windows and doors both in the two-seal version (AS), and in the three sealing planes version. Where the central seal is applied (MD), the system meets the requirements of the German Window Technology Institute – IFTRosenheim – for the passive construction – heat transfer coefficient Uf = 0.96 W/m2K.

Also with the flange seal (the AD version) one can enjoy perfect thermal insulation parameters,   with the little visible breadth of the profiles.

In AUTUMN PLUS system, EPDM seals that are factory installed in the profiles are applied. The seal, heat-welded with the profile, not requiring any further processing, with soft corners, is flexible and resistant to deformation, which guarantees maintenance of the very good window parameters for many years.