PVC Autumn Windows

PVC Autumn Windows

Windows created for all the demanding Customers, who look for energy-saving solutions which would maintain the esthetic values. They feature high thermal insulation thanks to their 6 air chambers inside the profile, which is the perfect answer to the growing costs of energy. The system's additional functions also give greater possibilities of anti-burglary or acoustic protection, while maintaining excellent thermal insulation parameters.

The AUTUMN windows, created in a modern technology, protect you from noise and adverse weather conditions, among others it is thanks to their three independent planes of sealing (a third, central seal).

If you take into account the same thermal protection for standard systems and the AUTUMN system, selecting the latter allows you to increase the surface of glazing by 30%, which as a result will let much more sunlight into the room.

Through our selection of two sash versions (Classic, Rondo) and a wide range of available colors, we give you the possibility to create a window, which will give the building a unique atmosphere and character.


Two available sash designs:

It is possible to install tilt & slide PSK-type terrace windows in the SPRING system. More information can be found in 'ADDITIONAL OPTIONS' section.

Available veneer styles: