ActivPilot Comfort PADK or PAS is the only hardware item available on the market that provides the window with enhanced burglary protection during airing. Jest to zasługa wyjątkowej konstrukcji zaczepów ramowych. Mounted on the frame perimeter, the special steel catches make forcing the window off its frame very difficult – both from the closed position, and during its slot airing position. The handle position does not indicate whether the window is locked normally, so it does not encourage the burglar.

ActivPilot Comfort PADK or PAS How it works?

The activPilot Comfort hardware makes it possible to move the window away from the frame along its whole perimeter. Thus, a 6 mm clearing is formed to ensure effective airing.

Low-cost and according to the laws of physics

In cold seasons, airing of rooms brings about significant loss of energy. With activPilot Comfort you can reduce that loss thanks to exchange of air in accordance with the laws of physics. When the window is put 6 mm away from its fame, the used, warm air escapes over the top, while cold air comes in at the bottom and spreads around the room evenly. During such slot airing, the room does not get cooled down and the loss of energy is much lower than in the case of an open window


For winds and bad weather

The new airing method eliminates drafts and slamming windows. You can enjoy its benefits during rain, too. When the window is tilted, water may come inside even during a small shower, but during slot airing the window provides much better protection against the rain. Moreover, it is also a better noise barrier than a tilted window. Care for health and well-being of your kin! Choose Schuco’s “4 Seasons ” windows with activPilot Comfort PADK lub PAS.