Summer PVC HS Sliding Systems


The SUMMER system is a perfect solution for big terrace glazing including lift & slide HS type doors. The sliding doors HS EasySlide and HS ThermoSlide systems constitute so called 'glass gates' to the garden, giving new perspectives for space shaping and residential rooms and facade design to the owners of single-family houses.

Thanks to a smooth profile construction and a big pane surface the room optically seems to be larger, while letting in a big dose of sunlight. The lift & slide HS systems help you to realize almost all visions of dwelling spaces, undisturbed by traditionally opened doors or window sashes, taking away precious space.

Soundlessly working HS doors are easy to operate and guarantee a free access to the balcony, terrace and winter garden. All you have to do is slide the glazed surface to the side and the border between the inside and the outside space disappears.

Depending on the version, there are available options with one, two or four sliding sashes. Going through the passage is easier thanks to a low aluminum threshold, which is a great advantage in case of children or people with disabilities. An additional bonus of the used  thresholds it that they are highly durable and feature good thermal insulation, which provides a reliable operation and thermal isolation between the inside and outside.

Thanks to the special solutions and specific profiles it is possible to build constructions with large glazing, reaching often from the floor to the ceiling.


Tree available versions of HS systems


Available veneer styles: