We have been making our windows with passion since 1997, in the northern part of Wielkopolska, in Chodzież, a places of unique charm, surrounded by beautiful lakes and woods, covering the nearby hills, in a land called in many touristic guides as the Switzerland in Chodzież.

When we begun to act in the field of manufacturing we could not imagine going in any other direction than offering high quality ecological products, helping to protect the amazing variety of nature for the future generations.

We made a choice to pursue the direction of modern PVC joinery manufacturing – products which protect the world from an excessive, negative human influence, through limiting the emission of greenhouse gasses and a significant reduction of energy consumption. At the same time, the production process does not exploit the natural resources, protecting them from a thoughtless and excessive use.

We made it our goal at the very beginning to provide products of the highest quality to our customers, while maintaining reasonable prices.

Thanks to the latest technologies – Schüco, Winkhaus and Glassolutions and implementation of our own windows brand in 2007, the 4 Seasons, our strategy enabled us to achieve a market success.

At the moment, we are the leading manufacturer of PVC joinery in Wielkopolska, we collaborate with our Business Partners in Poland as well as in Europe.

The quality of products we provide is a priority to us. A constant improvement of our manufacturing technologies and training our staff contributed to reaching a very high quality level of provided products.

Our philosophy is to understand and satisfy the individual needs of our Customers in the field of providing window and door products for buildings. It is our goal to provide esthetic values for buildings, taking care of the users’ comfort of living while maintaining optimum technical solutions.

We constantly look for solutions which would help us meet the growing expectations of our users to the maximum extent. We are not satisfied with a good rating, our products have to be the best.


We know it is not enough to install windows and doors in a building – thanks to us it gains character.

4 Seasons Windows is a brand of high quality PVC windows, created by Nowy Dom Okna Sp. z o.o.
Our products are chosen by clients who seek for quality and reliability, both in Poland and Europe.

Sąd Rejonowy Poznań - Nowe Miasto i Wilda w Poznaniu, IX Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego nr KRS 0000139277 NIP 764-21-00-244, Kapitał zakładowy 1.002.500 PLN

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