Handles and locks

Windows are always the weakest point. That is why each piece of carpentry should be equipped with a handle with a key and a cylinder, making its opening from the outside difficult. Another solution is to install a handle integrated with a locking mechanism in the indoor-side of the window.


All movable mechanisms, as e.g. latches, pressure devices, anti-force-in pins and locking items, should prevent the burglars from exerting force onto the window structure and not be susceptible to any force or levering. Therefore, it is important to have them made from solid steel, not from any brittle metals. An additional element could be some plates that prevent drilling out the handle fixing bolts.

Alarm systems

Electronic security systems do not protect the windows per se, but “support” other mechanical devices only. An alarm system may include magnetic sensors (informing of opening the casement), movement detectors (go off when there is some movement at the window), vibration detectors (reacting to breaking the glass). Alarms are definitely the cheapest solution, but there basically rely on reaction of third persons.

Secure windows

Secure windows are those windows, where the section strength has been enhanced, class P4 glazing has been fit in, and at least class RC-1 hardware was used, provided with locks preventing forcing out the window corners, and devices preventing drilling the lock off.

Many of those solutions can be installed optionally in the „4 Seasons” windows.