Why PVC?

PVC or wooden windows? It is the very first question the investors have to answer. Obviously both window manufacturing technologies have their supporters and the dispute seems a bit similar to the one regarding the question: which is better, butter or margarine? However, there are some essential elements, important to the users on the stage of window design and usage, specifically, the ones providing comfort of living in your own home.

Most popular among investors – in the widest available range

It is hard not to notice that since all the modern PVC windows technologies and manufacturing solutions became available in Poland, their popularity has significantly increased and their market shares are dominant. It translates directly to the increase of competition between PVC windows manufacturers, which enforces a wider offer, lower prices and a better production quality on them. Thanks to this, the buyers have a practically unlimited choice of products.

Accessories – more and easier

Using synthetic materials, including PVC, as a base for creating construction materials is becoming more and more popular. Nowadays, these materials are significant for constructions of every house. From floors, through walls, up to ceilings. From the bathroom, through the kitchen to the living room and bedroom – in all these places we will find solutions based on PVC. In the windows industry it concerns many important elements. For example window shades – their housing and fins are much easier to match in color and construction in case of PVC, because there are no modern wooden shades. The same can be said about doors and their decorative filling as well as in case of window sills. Moreover, the color range of PVC profiles is richer than the natural one found in the wood products offer. This makes the interior design with PVC simply richer and much easier. There are also no two-colored wooden windows, however, there are in case of PVC (e.g. white inside, oaken outside).

Durable and comfortable

The specialists estimate the longevity of PVC windows for several dozens of years. First windows of such type were installed in Poland at the beginning of the 90s and there are no signs of them becoming any less popular.

The window profiles do not have to be maintained. However, the seals and fittings have to undergo maintenance in all window types. Wooden windows (like terraces for example) require regular maintenance. PVC profiles are also definitely more resistant to moisture and water, which are present in every house. In the bathroom, kitchen, during a heavy rain, in every place where water reaches the PVC windows, it will not cause them any harm. There is no possibility of fungus or insects, which could occur against our will in a moist and warm corner.

Price matters

Without a doubt, PVC windows are cheaper. The more complicated the shape, the more accessories, the richer the color scheme and functions, the more profitable it is to buy OVC windows. Modern wooden windows are slowly becoming luxurious goods and are less compatible with other construction materials used in houses.

One house, one PVC

In conclusion – PVC windows are more durable and cheaper. As esthetic as the wooden ones, but in a wider color range and with more solutions. Easy to preserve and use, but do not require maintenance. More resistant to moisture and other atmospheric conditions. That is what our PVC windows are. High quality, well matched to the needs of the residents, equipped in additional or individual solutions, they will serve you as long as the house itself. Find out yourselves. Find out with us.

The choice of “Four Seasons” windows gives you the possibility to select between over 35 types of veneers, which include many wood-like. By making this choice you can freely compose even two different veneers (a different one inside and outside). Moreover, the PVC windows are definitely less sensitive to exposure to the environment outside. Their maintenance is limited to washing, lubricating the seals and applying oil to the fittings. Unfortunately, the wooden windows require a thorough maintenance every 4-5 years, which generates significant additional costs and trouble for the residents.

4 Seasons Windows is a brand of high quality PVC windows, created by Nowy Dom Okna Sp. z o.o.
Our products are chosen by clients who seek for quality and reliability, both in Poland and Europe.

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