Overheating of the rooms, the discomfort we experience on hot days and the costly attempts to cool the room down with air-conditioners are the problems all of us know. Therefore, every summer we deliberate what glass we should install in our windows to reduce the effects of heat and stuffiness at least a bit.

Several types to choose from

There is a large variety of glazing types with the function of protecting rooms from overheating. For the type of glass and production process, it divides to 3 families: PARSOL mass-tinted glass, ANTELIO reflexive glass (the so called “hard-surface glass”) and COOL-LITE reflexive glass (the so called “soft-surface glass”).

Main advantages

The most important feature of those types of window panes is, of course, the protection they provide against overheating the rooms. In case of facade structures, also the color of the glass and reduction of its transparency are important.

From the outside and from the inside

On a sunny day, from the outside, you cannot see anything inside, but in the evening, when lights inside are on, the effect is gone, and you can see everything as if the glass was normal.

In colors

Mass-tinted panes are available in different colors. The basic ones are: brown, green and silver. We recommend insulating tempered glass units. This will strengthen the window set and enhance its resistance to cracking in extreme heat. As we know from our Physics classes, tempered glass tends to absorb sunrays more intensively and “heats up” more than clear glass. Application of tinted glass creates an additional possibility to arrange the house’s exterior looks and to adjust the glass color to the facade.

All the described above solutions for glass protecting against sunshine, as well as many other solutions, are available as options for the state-of-the-art, energy-saving PVC windows “4 Seasons” that are produced based on the Schuco systems.