The difficult art of window selection


Appearances are deceptive

The matter seems to be easy. Every architectural design contains a set and description of windows. Therefore it is enough to just compare the price offers of a few manufacturers, compare them in excel and… choose the supplier. Seemingly. The 18 years of experience we have in production and sales of PVC windows, thousands of prepared offers and conversations with the Customers taught us, that the more we know about what we want to buy and why, the more conscious our decision is and thus, the better the investment we make.

An investment in the comfort of living

Because a purchase of windows is matter of fact an investment in comfort and safety of our family. Every window opens and closes, but each one can do it in a different way. Each window can have a different equipment, different functions, fittings, panes, handles – depending on the needs of the household members. Only after we know about the existing technological and handling solutions it is possible to make an intelligent choice of windows. A proper choice of profiles, fittings, panes and accessories. Well chosen windows will serve us and our families every day. They will protect from cold, warmth and moisture, they will improve our safety and most importantly, they will improve our comfort of living. They will improve its quality. Every day.

Knowledge center – a practical guide for investors

Therefore, in this section we will show you the available solutions and new features in our offer. We will inform and educate you about the important aspects, what should you know, what should you check, what questions should you ask the supplier? We will try to gain your interest and provoke you. All in order to give you as much knowledge about windows as possible. Before you buy them. We will be your guide and advisor, who will share the knowledge and experience. An advisor, who will try to answer your questions and doubts concerning the choice and purchase of windows.

We will be with you throughout the ‘Four Seasons’.
I hope you will enjoy reading!

Cezary Urban
President of the Management Board of Nowy Dom Okna Sp. z o.o.

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