Safe and intelligent ventilation

ActivPilot Comfort PADK is the only fitting on the market, which provides an increased window resistance to breaking in during ventilation. It is thanks to the unique construction of frame catches. Special steel catches installed around the frame significantly make it harder to lift the sash from the frame, both in the closed and in a gap ventilation position. The handle position does not show that the window is not normally blocked, so it does not draw burglars’ attention.

Principle of operation

The activPilot Comfort fitting allows to offset the sash on the entire surface from the frame. A 6mm gap appears, which provides an efficient ventilation.

Economically and according to the laws of physics

In the cold seasons, the ventilation of rooms causes a significant energy loss. The activPilot Comfort PADK fitting allows you to minimize the loss thanks to an air exchange which follows the laws of physics. When the wing is offset from the frame by 6 mm, the used, heated air flow out through the upper gap and the cold in flows in through the bottom gap and slowly becomes equally distributed in the entire room. During such gap ventilation the room does not become cold and the energy loss is much smaller than in case of a tilted window.

For wind and bad weather

The new way of ventilation eliminates the drafts and slamming windows. Also during a rainfall we make use of its advantages. In case of a classic tilted position during even a mild rain, the water can enter inside and in case of a gap ventilation the window provides a much better protection from rain. It is also a better noise barrier than a tilted window.

The offset & slide PSK-type terrace windows can be combined with the gap ventilation system, based on an offset of the sash from the frame, if the duoPort PAS fitting is installed. It should be noted, however, that if you want add offset & slide PSK-type terrace windows, the traditional tilting function will not be available.

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