A base profile to install under the balcony door is one of the latest solutions available in our offer. Positioning it under the balcony door definitely improves the thermal protection of a critical spot in the house, on the floor bear the entryway to the terrace and garden.

Efficient insulation

The main task of this balcony profile is very simple. Installation at the stage of construction enable the application of a proper insulation where terraces meet the balcony door. Without that profile there is a very high risk of a thermal bridge occurrence, which will ‘transfer’ temperature from the flooring into the living room.

Moreover, the specific undercut of the profile and a special groove were designed in order to join the insulation or planking layer with a PVC profile in a maximally tight manner.

The ‘warm floor’ effect

The base profile is poured over in a concrete flooring at the stage of its construction. It is invisible, but thanks to its properties it effectively works to provide the comfort to the household members (also barefoot). Since this is a multi-chamber PVC profile, it ensures the proper thermal insulation. Sometimes it is referred to as the ‘warm floor’ effect, i.e. when you walk barefoot to the balcony door you do not feel cold, because the base profile implements an additional thermal insulation in the concrete floor, which serves as a base for a parquet or wooden panels.

Different heights

There are two base profile heights available in our offer, 40 mm and 120 mm. Moreover, the base profiles can be freely combined with classic expansions according to the needs and estimated flooring height.

A warm conclusion

The base profile protects our flooring from low temperatures and moisture, thanks to this it is a small, yet very important element, which should be designed in every newly built house. This option will be appreciated especially by the people who struggle with moisture and fungus in the corners around balcony doors or who simply like warmth!

Base profile cross section

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