PVC Spring Windows



Windows produced in a 5-chamber system are a perfect alternative for people looking for a compromise between good thermal insulation properties, high esthetics and price.

By choosing the SPRING system, you receive the possibility to select between three sash shape designs (Classic, Rondo).

People who value classic designs can find the proper solutions as well within the SPRING system – the Classic or Rondo sash.

The windows feature high stability and longevity thanks to the use of durable steel profiles with thick walls placed inside the frame (closed steel) and sash (additionally bent steel). Even after many years of use, the windows continue to work reliably and are recognized by their users.

They can be freely combined with front doors, sliding doors and winter garden, while maintaining a perfect system and architectural consistency.


Two available sash designs:

It is possible to install tilt & slide PSK-type terrace windows in the SPRING system. More information can be found in ‘ADDITIONAL OPTIONS’ section.


Available veneer styles:

4 Seasons Windows is a brand of high quality PVC windows, created by Nowy Dom Okna Sp. z o.o.
Our products are chosen by clients who seek for quality and reliability, both in Poland and Europe.

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