PVC Winter Windows


PVC Winter system features:

  • 7-chamber system, product depth 82 mm with a wide 82 mm straight sash
  • a classic sash line of a distinct and timeless style
  • profiles without steel reinforcements prevent the occurrence of thermal bridges
  • very good static parameters and safe usage thanks to a patented profile design
  • three sealing planes ensure an optimum protection from wind, rain and noise
  • modern light grey EPDM seals in white profiles, black EPDM seals in veneered profiles
  • a system dedicated to two-chamber pane packages with transmittance coefficient Ug=0,7 W/m2K and Ug=0,5 W/m2K
  • narrow visible window profiles elements provide an optimum access of light
  • an increased embedding depth ensures safety and a more efficient protection from burglary

By choosing the WINTER CLASSIC line you will receive windows designed especially for high energy-saving and passive buildings, which can be freely shaped according to individual needs thanks to a rich offer of profiles, panes and additional system accessories.

Window PVC Winter Classic glazed Ug=0,5 W/m2K

Available veneer styles:

4 Seasons Windows is a brand of high quality PVC windows, created by Nowy Dom Okna Sp. z o.o.
Our products are chosen by clients who seek for quality and reliability, both in Poland and Europe.

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