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Schüco HS Thermoslide

We like wide terrace doors, which make us think of a landscape view. This type of entryways provide us with the best functional solution – a lift & slide HS ThermoSlide doors. They are perfect for the summer season, however, in the winter they have guarantee a high thermal insulation above all and protect the rooms from heat loss.

The lift & slide doors are the best functional solution. They allow you to save space and use them easily even in case of big and heavy sashes. The critical spot in such kind of constructions is the threshold area and the frames and sashes profiles. In Schüco ThermoSlide lift & slide doors, the innovative sealing and isolators solutions were used, which eliminate the occurrence of thermal bridges, responsible for energy losses. Perfect thermal insulation parameters were achieved thanks to this, which enable the application of this system even in passive houses.

We will protect ourselves from cold

In HS ThermoSlide doors, the frequent and typical for this kind of joinery problem of a cold area by the floor was effectively eliminated. A low, multi-chamber aluminum threshold was used, with three thermal insulating spacers, which makes such issues disappear from our minds. 5-chamber sashes (82 mm wide) and a 7-chamber door frame (219 mm wide) with solid, thermal insulated steel fittings also have a very important influence of the doors’ statics and further limitation of heat loss. The door corners and critical joints between the fixed and moving sashes were precisely insulated, which in combination with a triple-level sealing system provides a certain protection from the infiltration of cold air. This system is also unique through its front profile widths. The visible part of the frame and sash is only 174 mm. This means a maximization of the pane surface and a better lighting of the rooms, which is especially important in the winter, when the natural light is not very intense.

Own design

The Schüco ThermoSlide doors are available in 2 and 3 – sash option, with different sliding directions. Thanks to this, the final look and functionality of the glazing depends only on us. The optimum construction stability enables a creation of big-size door weighing even 400 kg! Single sliding door modules produced of them may reach the maximum width up to 6,5 m and height up to 2,8 m. They can be freely combined. The door sashes are slightly lifter upwards and slided in a parallel direction. Despite the big sash sizes, their operation is comfortable due to the new, anti-slip seals and a light rolling system. This type of doors can also be produced in an anti-burglary version. All color schemes are available among the veneer styles used by Schüco and 9 additional AutomotiveFinish colors, modeled on car paint coats used in the automotive industry and modern aluminum joinery, which can give the doors a modern and unique style.

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