1. A unique and one of a kind line of highest quality windows, the 4 Seasons, is produced in the modern Schüco systems technology.
  2. A wide range of 5,6 and 7-chamber systems.
  3. High standard of window accessories:
      – a warm inter-pane Swisspacer frame, produced in a patented Swiss technology, available in six colors.
      – multi-degree tilt.
      – 4 octagon anti-burglary ferrules with catches on each sash.
      – a blockage of incorrect handle position with a lifting device.
      – the fitting groove in the bottom part of the frame filled with a seal.
      – roller guides for all balcony windows sashes and for other windows wider than 1250 mm.
      – effective external pressures used in turn-only sashes.
      – thermally insulated, sealed and warm bottom panels on the entire window width.
      – aluminum Schüco and Hoppe Secustic panels in different color schemes.
      – highly esthetic corner finishing – 0,2 and 2 seams.
      – an innovative adjustment system for the sash pressure to the frame (winter-summer).
      – reinforcing steel, providing rigidity to ready products, ranging from 1,5 to 2,5 mm of width (depending on the size of construction).
      – the windows are equipped in transportation handles and secured for transport with a stretch film.
  4. A wide choice of traditional veneers as well as completely new, metallic ones from the AutomotiveFinish range
  5. We give a 7 years warranty for our products
  6. The Schüco systems perfectly match two-chamber panes with thermal transmittance coefficient Ug=0,7 W/m2K and Ug=0,5 W/m2K.
  7. Innovative methods for joining PVC and aluminum (TOP ALU overlays or the Winter system).
  8. Our suppliers are the technological leaders in the industry:
    – SCHÜCO – supplier of PVC profiles punched in Germany, 60 years of tradition, over 450 creative engineers, supplying its products to 50 countries all over the world.
    – GLASSOLUTIONS – panes supplier, a part of the Saint Gobain group, which has been improving the glass production technology for 300 years.
    – WINKHAUS – supplier of latest generation fittings, over 150 years of tradition.
  9. In 2006 we were the laureate of the “Best in Poland” competition.
  10. We have been working in the Schüco technology since 1999.
4 Seasons Windows is a brand of high quality PVC windows, created by Nowy Dom Okna Sp. z o.o.
Our products are chosen by clients who seek for quality and reliability, both in Poland and Europe.

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